Protected Roots Integrative Treatment Center of San Diego for Mental Health

Compassionate and professional integrated approach to mental health disorders. Our team acknowledges and identifies the mental health challenges one may face. We focus on holistic treatment and community support.

Protected Roots Integrative (PRI) in La Jolla, CA

We offer personalized treatment tracks for adolescents, young adults, and adults seeking mental health recovery. Here at PRI Treatment Center, we understand that each person goes through different experiences and trauma. Our staff will assess you or your loved one’s scenario and apply the proper level of care.

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The Difference at PRI Treatment Center in La Jolla, CA

We offer specialized support programs structured to meet the unique needs of young adults (ages 10-35) facing neuro diversities, mood disorders, or life transitions.

ADHD and Learning Differences:

Our program utilizes the proven Multi-Modal Treatment Model and Behavioral Parenting Training to equip you with the skills to manage symptoms and reach your full potential.​

Substance Abuse Support:

We leverage evidence-based curriculums like CRAFT, The Matrix Model, and the Adolescent Recovery Capital Model to empower you on your path to recovery.​

Mood Disorders Management:

Our program incorporates effective Third-Wave CBT interventions, along with IPT-A and IPT, to help you navigate emotional challenges and build resilience.​

Your are not alone

During moments of loneliness, remember we’re here for you. You’re never alone. Together, we can overcome.

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Emotional Control

We offer professional therapy to help you manage your emotions and find solutions to your concerns.

Safe Environment

We're here to listen to you without judgment, providing a safe space where you can freely express your thoughts and feelings.

Listening and Recognition

We strive to understand you on a deep level, recognizing your challenges and seeking solutions that fit your unique circumstances.

Structured Plan

We provide tailored guidance and advice based on your specific situation, helping you find the path to emotional well-being.

Community Support

We're here to accompany you on your journey of growth and healing, offering the support you need to overcome obstacles.

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We understand that situations can make us feel lonely, but we are here to accompany you and provide the best advice for you.

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