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Protected Roots Integrative’s mission is to support adolescents and their families in achieving sustained mental health recovery and wellness by integrating academic medicine with community values.

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Most adult mental health disorders start by age 14.
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U.S. high school students face mental health challenges.
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Many adolescents have mental health disorders.
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PRI advocates for academic medicine as a vital component of treatment, utilizing the latest research and medical practices to enhance youth well-being.

Holistic Approach (Whole Child)

PRI addresses adolescents' needs by considering biological, social, spiritual, and environmental factors that may impact their development.

Evidence-Based Clinical Interventions

PRI uses scientifically proven interventions for effective and ethical treatments that uphold the highest standards of medical quality and ethics.

Personalized Approach (Tailored Approach)

PRI tailors treatment programs to individual needs, recognizing that personalized plans are essential for successful.

Continued Care

PRI offers continuous care post-treatment by connecting clients with local resources to support their ongoing recovery and well-being.

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At PRI, we take a holistic approach to patient care. We recognize the powerful connection between mental and physical health and are committed to providing integrative medicine options. Alongside traditional therapies, we offer evidence-based interventions focusing on mindfulness, stress reduction, lifestyle modifications, and complementary treatments. Academic medicine, with its rigorous research standards, plays a critical role in validating the efficacy of integrative approaches and establishing best practices. This approach empowers our patients to take an active role in their well-being and achieve optimal health outcomes


PRI leverages the expertise of academic clinicians to deliver a comprehensive approach to treatment. Our philosophy is grounded in research and evidence-based practices that have been proven to improve patient outcomes. Our team of leading clinical psychologists brings extensive expertise to the table, ensuring you receive the highest quality care

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