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Setting Intentions for the New Year 

Chloe, Staff Clinician

Have you ever set goals for the new year that you were not able to accomplish by the end of the year? You are not alone! It is a very…

Dyadic reciprocity in action

What is Dyadic Reciprocity?

PRI Team

Dyadic reciprocity is the ability to engage in social exchange to imply a correlation between social relationship effects. It is the understanding of how A impacts B in a social…

Adolescent grappling with emotions and self-harm tendencies

Suicidal Ideation versus Self-Harm Behaviors

PRI Team
Many people conflate suicidal ideation and self-harm behaviors. Often, an automatic assumption is made that those who self-harm intend for it to end their lives, but this is not typically...
Teenage Anxiety

Navigating Teenage Anxiety: A Holistic Approach

PRI Team

Considering our fast-paced society, anxiety is a prevalent and frequently misunderstood challenge. It can present as somatic symptoms (e.g. aches, increased heartbeat, muscle tension) and cognitive symptoms (e.g. worry, dread,…