We recognize that the pathway to sustained recovery starts with acknowledgment of the biological, social, spiritual and environmental factors that may impact your child’s development.

  • Whole Child
  • Evidence Based Clinical Interventions
  • Community Values
  • Tailored Approach
  • Continued Care
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Our method involves treating the individual as a whole by focusing on the root causes to promote overall healing and wellness. After completing a robust assessment of your child’s needs, PRI offers interventions that include: genomic testing, social-emotional markers and behavioral markers -to gain a clear understanding of your child’s overall functioning- parent psychoeducation, after school support, individual and family therapy, skill-building activities and creative therapies.


Clinical Interventions. PRI is committed to being an academic and scientific practitioner-modeled facility. We have partnered with leading academic medicine institutes to uphold the highest ethical and clinical standards for our patients. We work collaboratively with leading researchers in adolescent medicine to continually re-assess interventions and offer continued support to our teens and families.

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We offer immersive experiences that will give teens an important framework to navigate life’s challenges and flourish as young adults.

Our centers incorporate community-based activities while offering your child a safe and protected environment such as: Hiking & Climbing, Surfing, Meditation & Yoga, Cooking,Team-Building and Art & Music.

Our aim is to facilitate skill-centric kindness and social entrepreneurship
projects that leverage teens’ passions amplifying their unique imprint and impact on society.


PRI’s programming offers a tailored approach with customized treatment plans and schedules for each client.

We understand that individualized clinical care is necessary to achieve successful outcomes, as each client presents with unique life experiences, symptoms, and underlying issues.

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Located in La Jolla Cove, the serene ocean and village atmosphere create the ideal setting for PRI’s integrative approach. Our unique location fosters a nurturing and healing environment that encourages patients to find peace and balance in their lives.


We believe recovery and long-term health is only sustained with the community’s support and social reciprocity. PRI offers continued support when linking our clients with local services, including religious or spiritual practices, service-driven placements, and more.

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Our continued support includes working collaboratively with your family and school system offering everyday applicability and support. We are committed to the sustained success of your teen.


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